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Making a Living Outcomes – Grade 8 Teacher's Resource This Teacher’s Resource provides additional information and suggestions about teaching method where .. Product #: 9781442557871 Regular price: $43.50 $43.50

Making a Living Outcomes – Grade 8 Teacher's Resource by Brian Robertson, Trevor Tindall and Josie Villacorta-Swallow

Price: $43.50

The Secretary for Education states that the Making a Living syllabus will enable students to participate actively in society, be self reliant and live sustainably now and in the future. This Teacher’s Resource and the Student’s Book will enable you to deliver a course that will enable students in your Grade 8 class to achieve all the stated Making a Living Outcomes at this level.

This Teacher’s Resource provides detailed information and suggestions in relation to each activity in the Student’s Book.  It will help you to adapt and manipulate the materials so that learning takes place in the context of your school, your community and is appropriate for the students in your class.

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