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A Gordon For Me An honest and brave account of National Service in the 1950s. Brian Robertson spares no detail in hi.. Product #: 9781901514469 Regular price: $25.00 $25.00

A Gordon For Me by Brian Robertson

Price: $25.00

A Gordon For Me is an entertaining and compelling story of one man’s experiences of the Armed Forces, and the true nature of international conflict. 60 years ago, Brian Roberston left his family farm to undergo two years of National Service.

From Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Dundee to Cyprus, Brian experienced much, much more than the average farm-hand ever would. What starts off as an exploration of the ecclectic nature of the army, takes an unexpected twist down the obediance, ruthlessness, and brutality of training and war.

This book is not a celebration of war.

In the words of one pre-publication review:

“A Gordon for Me is a fascinating portrait of the realities of National Service and has many resonances for both the past it describes, and for current day situations and realities. It will help older readers reengage with some of the issues around National Service and British colonialism, and will give subsequent generations of all ages an insight into a area of the recent past they might not be familiar with. Robertson has a warm and engaging style that brings his adventures to life.”

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