• Making-a-Living-Practical-Guide-Coffee-and-Cocoa-Farming-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-6-Students-Book-400x440
  • Agriculture-in-Melanesia-Grade-9-Students-Book-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-8-Teachers-Resource-Book-400x440
  • Practical-Science-Grade-10-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-6-Teachers-Resource-Book-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-4-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-6-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-6-Teachers-Resource-Book-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Practical-Guide-Insect-Farming-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-8-Students-Book-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-7-Teachers-Resource-Book-400x440
  • Practical-Science-Grade-10-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-7-400x440
  • Agriculture-in-Melanesia-Grade-9-Students-Book-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-5-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-7-Students-Book-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Practical-Guide-Vanilla-Farming-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-8-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-7-Students-Book-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-2-400x440
  • Agriculture-in-Melanesia-Grade-10-Students-Book-400x440

About PNG School Books

My name is Brian Robertson. This site is being developed to let teachers in Papua New Guinea know what books are available for them. We are just at the start of the process. The site has no past and therefore no history. I hope it has a bright future.

On the other hand I have a very long past—lapun man mi yet. My first teaching post in Papua New Guinea was at Aiyura National High School in its second and third year of operation in 1978 and 1979. Mr Dan Kunert, from America was the principal. I then worked for many years in the Curriculum Unit of the Department of Education before emigrating to Australia to work for the Department of Education in the Northern Territory of Australia. Since retiring I have been writing material for PNG schools for the publisher Pearson Education. I am interested in all activity associated with education and schools in Papua New Guinea and would love to hear from any teacher—and particularly anyone (teacher or otherwise) who was a student at Aiyura in 1978 or 1979. You can or contact me here. If you are a teacher tell me where and what students you teach. If you want to ask any questions I will be happy to respond.

You are under no obligation to buy a book just because you want to ask a question.

I am currently working on science textbooks for grades 9 and 10 and perhaps soon on more books in the series Making a Living Practical Guides—about pigs and poultry probably.

Some of the books that are listed on this site have been authored or co-authored by myself. They cover only a small part of the total curriculum of course. Feel free to ask me (Brian Robertson) about any of the books or the subjects they cover.

Author Contact

If you want to ask a question about buying a book, or anything else, please ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.