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  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-8-400x440
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  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-7-Students-Book-400x440
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  • Making-a-Living-Practical-Guide-Coffee-and-Cocoa-Farming-400x440
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  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Teachers-Resource-400x440
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  • Practical-Science-Grade-9-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Teachers-Resource-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-3-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-6-Students-Book-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-5-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-8-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-6-Teachers-Resource-Book-400x440
  • Ples-Bilong-Yumi-Reader-4-400x440
  • Agriculture-in-Melanesia-Grade-9-Students-Book-400x440
  • Making-a-Living-Outcomes-Grade-7-Teachers-Resource-Book-400x440

Just a few days ago I completed the up-loading of most of the Pearson titles onto this site and all teachers and parents in PNG now have many more school books to choose from. No matter what the school subject, or at what level, there is surely a quality book there for your son or daughter. If not then Contact Us and let me know what is missing. I will do my best to put you on the right track.

Some of these books do not have cover illustrations but I am getting in touch with Pearson Education Australia this week to solve this problem. I hate seeing a book without the appropriate cover but at least we have the PNG flag flying there instead, in the meantime!

If you have the time I would love if parents or teachers or students had the time to write something on the Forums and let me know what you think of the site and how I might improve it for you.

While you are on this site read the stories from some students from Kerevat Primary school on the Forums section.

Thank you, Brian Robertson

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