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Students look at coloured double page illustrations then discuss the environment in the Vernacular with each other. Four characters, Kua, Mary, Suli and Joe from various places in Papua New Guinea talk to the students about their different environments, the inhabitants, things and changes including the cycles of life that occur. Students will enjoy completing the practical activities while they learn.

The four characters tell students about their lives, where they live and what they like to do. Students join the two boys and two girls in the journey through the Environmental Studies Grade 3 syllabus. They go for walks, climb trees, do experiments, play with shadows, explore caves, listen to stories, catch a PMV to the kai bar and reuse things to help the environment.

Students will look for Kua, Mary, Suli and Joe in the big pictures and try the activities with them or discuss the

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questions with their friends. They will learn to make a leaf picture, grow a plant, do a bark rubbing and make a rainbow while finding out what people, animals and plants need to live. They will understand that looking after the environment is important for the future.



0 # ELIAS WRANGA 2014-08-11 11:11
Iam Elias
I am a teacher in Western Province in Papua New Guinea. I would be ordering some curriculum books from from you when the some bank processes are finalised!

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