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Are you an author of one or more books that you believe would be of interest to students and teachers in Papua New Guinea? If you are, then in the first instance please contact me here— Contact Us. We can then have a conversation about the suitability of your book or books and what category they might be listed under.

Your book or books unlike many of the books on this site do not need to be designed specifically for the new syllabuses of the Curriculum Reform Implementation Project. They may be very good resource books that would be useful references for a particular subject or topic, they may be non fiction that students might learn from or just enjoy or most likely they could be fiction suitable for young students or teenagers. Such books are always welcome in the school library.

If you decide to list a book with us then, at this stage of site development, we need the following from you

  • A scanned image of the front cover of your book (just the full size scan)
  • An approximate 50-word description of the book
  • A further approximate 500 words (for the Read More page) that you believe best describes your book to potential customers
  • The ISBN number
  • The number of pages
  • Publisher and date of publication

It would also be great if you were willing to answer any questions posted by potential customers on the forum about your book or the subject of your book. You will not be asked to answer questions every day of course. You might decide to post a letter on the forum answering any questions that have been put to you over a week or more. While we would appreciate our authors taking part in our forum it is not a requirement for having books on the site.

This site is affiliated with Fishpond online bookstore and so your books will be purchased by any customer when they click on the "buy now" button underneath the cover illustration of the book. This takes the buyer straight to where they can buy the book.

For more information on why this is worth your while please Contact Us.


Brian Robertson



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